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Heating Options

Patio Heater

The Mushroom Patio Heater is the most common outdoor heater used everywhere. These units are propane fuelled and provide a more intimate heat to a smaller area. They are considered radiant, which means that they have no blower or fan and their heat is felt as it radiates from a burner surface, reflecting off the " mushroom" shaped lid to keep the heat directed down. Radiant heat warms an object more so than the surrounding air. These heaters use a 20lb propane tank providing approximately 5-6 hours of use at full burn, providing 40,000BTU of heat.


Forced Air Heater

The Forced Air Heaters (170,000 BTU) are actually small furnace units that are used to heat the air inside larger tent structures. These little gems are very efficient and can easily warm a 40' x 60' space on their own and can work in multiples for the largest tents. Each heater is installed on an exterior wall outside with ducting that carries the warm air into the tent via a small fan that draws air through the heater. Temperature control is maintained with the use of a standard thermostat. A 100lb propane tank provides approximately 8 hours on full burn and at lower settings will last much longer. These units are ideal for use during larger events and to knock the chill out of the air for your guests. Electricity needs to be provided to these units.

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Our event was a huge success! Your crew  were fantastic!!! They were very helpful, eager to get the tents set exactly according to our needs, nothing was a problem for them, and they had a very positive attitude the whole time. It was a pleasure dealing with them. I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.

Blessings on you.

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